Access easily to your warehouse performance indicators

With IzyWin, a module of our IzySuite software, it is possible! Developed by our engineers, IzyWin provides indicators to eliminate non-productive time and to be more reactive to incidents and delays. Ideal for hands-on managers who want to improve the productivity of their warehouse!

IzyWin, the agile, flexible and customisable decision support tool

IzyWin is a supervision tool designed to optimise the productivity of your warehouse by providing different types of indicators on your performance.

It is a proactive management software designed to improve the flow of order pickers and forklift operators.

With its expertise in WMS and warehouse functions, ACSEP has developed the solution to help you better manage the performance of your teams. Based on SQL queries and VBA to extract and calculate data in real time, IzyWin is an agile, flexible and customisable tool!

Among our clients that uses IzyWin : GXO, Leisure’n Pleasure, Orcos Logistics, Samsung Electronics France, SMTRT, Tikamoon, etc.

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IzyWin, an intuitive and 100% customisable tool to meet your needs

IzyWin is composed of a general Dashboard to supervise the activity of your warehouse, completed with “Activity” tabs.

Composed of a general and customisable Dashboard to visualise and supervise the general activity of your warehouse, it can :

  1. Connect to multiple databases and adapt the results according to customer demand,
  2. Define user levels to filter the information provided (management level, manager level, stock manager level, etc.),
  3. Be pre-configured according to criteria previously defined with you, to highlight the indicators specific to your needs,
  4. Be personalised with colours that you choose to make it easier to use.

Some IzyWin features

  • Status of products to be shipped with specific levels of detail and display filters,
  • The distribution of picking demand, simulate resources and calculate movement indexes,
  • Pickers activity times, quality & productivity indicators,
  • Pickers tracking and full details of their activity,
  • Active forklift drivers with their settings (zoning, medical constraints, etc.) to allocate resources according to priorities and zones,
  • Under-performing forklift drivers or handlers,
  • Events above the reference time,
  • Invoicing by period and by activity.
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