EFALIA Compose

Without desktop publishing, no logistics!

Logistics means flow of goods, but also flow of information. Logistics requires a large number of documents, each of which meets very specific criteria in terms of mandatory information and formats. With Efalia Compose, you have a high added value tool that industrializes documents in a simple and autonomous way.

Why integrate a document production solution into your supply chain?

Logistics produces a lot of data that needs to be searched, ordered and shared.

Having a solution like Efalia Compose, that centralises your data and allows you to easily create documents according to your charter or that of your customers, represents a real added value to your logistics organisation.

It perfectly completes your WMS or ERP. And this is even more true with the increase in the number of orders, the need to prepare them quickly, the need to personalise them, the rise in legal and regulatory rules, etc.

Integrating such a solution allows you to satisfy all the departments in your company: Logistics, Quality, Marketing, Legal, etc. :

  1. Rationalisation and automation of the publishing chain,
  2. Personalization of packages,
  3. Returns logistics (optimisation with stickable and automatable documents to improve and facilitate identification),
  4. Traceability linked to sanitary requirements (obligation to affix standards to packages)…

Efalia Compose, the innovative answer for your documentary production

With Efalia Compose, you get a solution that saves you time and money. You don’t need costly developments or a dedicated team, because it is a solution that allows you to adapt your communication to your targets and your corporate strategy, while rationalising your publishing costs!

Your processes are industrialised and automated. You work in total autonomy and reduce the cost of your infrastructure.

The Efalia Compose solution is available in Licence and SaaS modes and is designed for both small and medium-sized businesses and large international groups.

It can be used with an ERP, a WMS, but also from data sources such as Excel or XML files. Efalia’s strength is to find and exploit the data needed to manage your documents!

In e-commerce, the parcel represents a real communication vector. With Efalia Compose, you can personalise your messages, invoices, return forms and promotional offers in just a few clicks!
For example, when processing returns, fast and secure identification is essential and has an immediate impact on the follow-up and speed of reimbursement. Your customers will be happy!

ACSEP support for Efalia Compose

Thanks to this partnership with Efalia Compose, ACSEP offers 360 degree support covering all the aspects necessary for the successful management of a project:

  1. Consulting with our experts who combine business and IT know-how,
  2. Marketing,
  3. Project management and solution integration, as we manage your project from A to Z, using a proven methodology,
  4. Training of your teams in the tool, to make you autonomous,
  5. Upgrading your Efalia Compose solution,
  6. And of course, maintenance in operational conditions.

ACSEP has deployed Efalia Compose at C-Log, Deret, Vynex and Eminence.

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