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The cosmetics and health sectors require logistics that ensure quality, safety and traceability.
Supply chain logistique santé cosmétiques

The WMS, a real logistics asset

To manage a logistics site efficiently, it is essential to use a warehouse management system (or WMS) which allows the planning and monitoring of the flow of goods in the warehouse, the management of stocks, the preparation of orders for hospitals, health professionals, points of sale and private individuals, as well as the efficient processing of product returns.

  1. The WMS will also help to optimise the location of products in the warehouse, to reduce unnecessary movement and improve team efficiency.
  2. It will also help to minimise losses, taking into account use-by dates and best-before dates for cosmetics and expiry dates for medicines.
  3. The WMS will be able to manage inventories and ensure the logistics of the associated POS.
  4. Finally, the WMS makes order preparation more reliable by reducing errors and thus improving the quality of customer service and customer loyalty.

A reactive and secure supply chain

With the tightening of health regulations and the increased demand for traceability, the logistics of health and beauty products must be both extremely rigorous and flexible. It must be able to speed up the availability of health products in the event of a shortage, interrupt distribution when a product is withdrawn from the market, and also process product returns in the event of a health recall. The warehouse must therefore adapt constantly!

Perfume and cosmetics logistics are subject to strong seasonality, numerous peaks in activity linked to new product launches, unit costs and the fragility of certain references. Finally, the end customer is demanding and difficult to retain.

Some examples of our missions in health and cosmetics

We have deployed our IzyPro WMS at the Belgian site of Biosynex, a company specialising in in vitro diagnostics such as covid-19 and pregnancy tests, and plan to deploy it at the French warehouse. With IzyPro, BIOSYNEX has optimised its business processes and increased the logistical production capacity of its Belgian warehouse, while benefiting from better stock visibility.

IzyPro was also installed in the logistics platform of Sclessin Productions, which designs, manufactures and distributes equipment for hospital logistics. The objective was to make the reception and preparation more reliable, to better trace the products, to optimise the filling of the warehouse, but also to save time during inventories.

In addition, we manage the stock of the nurses of Santélys, a non-profit association specialised in home health and training. Thanks to IzyWeb, the trunk of each nurse of the association (more than 150) has become a mobile warehouse from which stocks and orders can be transferred with real time traceability.

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The ACSEP group supports around one hundred active customers, including Auchan, Boulanger, Carrefour, C-Log, DHL Supply Chain, Distrimag, Geodis, Habitat, ID Logistics, Lustucru, Metro, Panzani, Petit Bateau, Samsung Electronics France, Sonepar and XPO Logistics.

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