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ACSEP perfectly masters the constraints that govern the supply chain of furniture and/or decoration brands

Very specific logistical needs

The supply chain of a furniture and/or decoration company is subject to numerous constraints that ACSEP knows perfectly well. ACSEP supports, Tikamoon, Leroy Merlin, Leisure’n’Pleasure, JJA and Conforama in the continuous improvement of their logistics organisation.

As a manufacturer or distributor of furniture and decorative objects, you deal with particularly heterogeneous products, both in terms of size, weight and face value. You may also have to deal with individual pieces that, when put together, form a batch, such as a table with 4 legs and a top, or a cupboard with sides, shelves, screws, doors and handles.

The layout of the warehouse, at the heart of the logistics organisation

It is essential to think about the mapping of the warehouse in order to optimise the storage of products according to their type and rotation. It is also necessary to choose the right equipment to be able to make them available in the best possible way: racks, mass storage, out-of-gauge storage, storage of small parts, mezzanine floors, etc., with the ultimate objective of reducing the order preparation cycle.

It is also a question of rethinking the layout of the workshops because you may have to offer kitting or pre-assembly, manage returns, after-sales service or even the compulsory take-back and recycling of old products from the customer, etc.

Our teams are familiar with these issues and can help you to organise your stock, flows and workshops, as well as your choice of equipment, whether it be racks, mechanisation or information systems such as warehouse management software or WMS.

The integration of a WMS

With their dual business and IT expertise, our teams can help you choose your WMS (warehouse management system). Depending on your current and future needs, we will guide you towards the most suitable solution.

For example, we have deployed Reflex WMS within the logistics platform of, and have installed our IzyPro WMS on the sites of Tikamoon, an e-tailer specialising in solid wood furniture, and Leisure’n’Pleasure, a company specialising in the creation, manufacture and marketing of equipment and furniture for events,

Our one and only objective is to set up an efficient supply chain for your teams and your customers.

Our services


We benefit from a double expertise in supply chain & IS, to bring you the right answer to improve your performance.



Initially, the integration was only for WMS, but then we extended it to other softwares, depending on our customers' needs.



We offer on catalogue or customised logistics and IT trainings, either in person or by visioconference.


Developing custom applications

We develop complete and customised turnkey software solutions.

Business Intelligence Data Données Tableaux de bord Pilotage Prise de décision

Business Intelligence & Data

Take control of your data and manage your business!


Support & assistance

We provide 24/7 support in 4 languages, with pre-defined resolution times depending on the degree of blockage.

Avec les services managés, nous vous assurons des infrastructures et des systèmes opérationnels.

Managed services

Thanks to managed services, we ensure that your infrastructure and systems are operational.

Restez concentrés sur votre métier, nous hébergeons et surveillons vos solutions dans nos datacenters certifiés et sécurisés.


Stay focused on your business, we host and monitor your solutions in our certified and secured data centres.


Our solutions


Our IzySuite software suite consists of 7 solutions that actively participate in the development of your supply chain.



EPYO, the tracking solution through connected gestures


Reflex WMS

ACSEP, Hardis Group's certified partner for the distribution and integration of Reflex WMS


EFALIA Compose

Efalia Compose, to manage your document production independently!



Take control of your data and stay efficient with the Talend solutions we integrate!

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Our references

The ACSEP group supports around one hundred active customers, including Auchan, Boulanger, Carrefour, C-Log, DHL Supply Chain, Distrimag, Geodis, Habitat, ID Logistics, Lustucru, Metro, Panzani, Petit Bateau, Samsung Electronics France, Sonepar and XPO Logistics.

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