Putting people first

More than 80 additional employees in less than 5 years!

Nevertheless, we remain a company on a human scale, in which great importance is attached to each and every employee. All of them are high-level professionals who are committed to serving our clients in the best possible way.

Onboarding and Career Management

We pay a great deal of attention to the support, training and skills development of new arrivals and employees. During their integration, all new ACSEP employees are received by all the managers in order to have the broadest possible vision of the company, its values and its activities. You don’t join a department, you join the ACSEP company!

As for career management, it is central to our HR policy. We do everything we can to develop positions and facilitate internal mobility. Every year, several employees change department and/or career.

It is important that our employees feel good about their work! The proof is that our turnover rate is completely under control.


As a real sign of trust, co-optation is always welcome at ACSEP. Of course, we also work with recruitment agencies and have established privileged links with a number of IT and/or logistics training courses (Polytech, BUT Logistique of the Universities of France, some fifty Masters 2 in Logistics, etc.). Finally, we publish all of our ads on LinkedIn for even greater visibility.

People at the heart of our corporate culture

Respect of each person is central to our concerns. This is reflected in our daily work by the mutual aid, caring, transparency, simplicity and pragmatism that are the pillars of our corporate culture.

We are a company that has been practicing teleworking since its creation in 2005. Today, 40% of our staff are permanently teleworking and 60% are attached to the headquarters. We are also convinced that it is through everyday actions that we will collectively achieve great things. We have therefore put in place a CSR policy in which all employees are involved.

Gender Equality Index

ACSEP applies a proactive gender equality policy in a sector with a strong male presence.

In order to encourage the presence of women in our teams, we promote gender diversity by ensuring fair treatment in terms of both representation and development.


2023 Gender equality index