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Take control of your data and manage your business!

Do you know that 1 out of every 3 managers does not use their data to run their business? However, having the right information at the right time gives you 360° visibility of your business and enables you to make the best decisions.

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A growing volume of data to organise, analyse and exploit

The volume of data produced by companies is constantly increasing, particularly via business applications and connected objects. In order to master this data and make it useful, decision-makers know that they need to add value to it so that they can exploit it to make strategic, operational and tactical decisions.

Today, most companies have at least one business software package to manage finance, sales or commerce (CRM, ERP), marketing, logistics (WMS, TMS) or HR. All these solutions are brimming with data that represents a real goldmine that can be exploited to manage your business with peace of mind.

Business Intelligence

The aim of Business Intelligence (BI) is to analyse all of a company’s data in order to improve its performance.

This involves :

  1. Collect,
  2. Qualify,
  3. Analyse,
  4. Structure,
  5. Secure,
  6. And interpret the data.

By transforming these raw digital resources into value-creating information, data becomes a strategic asset for the company. And this applies to all departments: from finance and HR to sales, supply chain and purchasing. All of which adds up to increased productivity and overall business performance!

Business Intelligence Data Données Tableaux de bord Pilotage Prise de décision

Benefits of Business Intelligence

The benefits of Business Intelligence are numerous and cover all company departments:

  • 360° vision
  • Manage your business
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Identify sales opportunities
  • Improve processes
  • Detect savings opportunities
  • Refocus your resources
  • Automate some tasks
  • Save time
  • Generate ROIs
  • Have an edge over
  • Know your market better
  • Improve the customer experience

Our Business Intelligence tools

Today, at ACSEP, our preferred tools for implementing Business Intelligence are Talend and Microsoft Power BI.

Talend is a world-renowned provider of data integration software. Comprehensive, flexible and reliable, Talend’s solution makes the most of all your company’s data.

As for Microsoft Power BI, this is a data analysis solution that allows you to display your data in a way that makes it immediately understandable. Thanks to the dashboards developed using Microsoft Power BI, your data is transformed into visual information to help you make the right decisions!

This is what we call Data Visualization or Dataviz!

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