Your employees are the wealth of your company.

You need to capitalise on their experience and knowledge, but also develop their skill level!

Our expertise

Because you need to train your employees and temporary staff on new softwares and good business practices in order to improve and professionalise your supply chain, we offer a catalogue of training courses in logistics and information systems for all your teams, from managers to key users and order pickers.

Given in person or by videolearning, ACSEP’s training courses can cover warehouse functions and professions, information systems and software applications, such as IzyPro or Reflex WMS, or Talend solutions. They are offered in French, English and Spanish.

We have been relying on ACSEP for over 10 years to train our warehouse staff. Each year, ACSEP trains about a hundred employees for the CQPI Logistics Agent qualification and for job-related training courses on our WMS, in order to increase their skills and help them become more employable and versatile.


Training Manager Intermarché Logistique Alimentaire International – ITMLAI

Modular training courses for everyone

  • On catalogue or taylormade

  • French, English & Spanish

  • + 5000 people trained

  • 350 trainees / year

  • Satisfaction score: 9.3/10

  • Warehouse professions

  • Information systems

  • Software applications

Certified, rich and functional logistics and IT training

Our training courses are provided by trainers with solid operational and IT experience. They focus on optimising and improving the logistics organisation and the IT performance of your warehouses. Certifying or not, they cover the main softwares on the market and in particular the WMS, but also the functions of the warehouse:

  1. Article referencing,
  2. Warehouse mapping,
  3. Configuration,
  4. SQL queries,
  5. Stocks (update, search, analysis…),
  6. Receipt,
  7. Preparation,
  8. Scheduling,
  9. Delivery,
  10. Replenishment,
  11. Job training: customer relations manager, key user, receipt manager, dispatch manager…
  12. And so on.
ACSEP formation formacion training logistique logistica logistics

A proven methodology for effective training

ACSEP offers both a catalogue of training courses on key warehouse topics and customised courses to suit your needs and audiences.

All of our training courses follow a proven process that starts with the identification of your precise needs and objectives. This allows us to define the key points of the training so that your employees gain in autonomy and performance.

We then evaluate the participants through exercises and compare the results at the end of the course to measure its effectiveness and the knowledge acquired. At the beginning of the course, each trainee receives a booklet that will accompany them throughout the process.

At the end of the course, the trainees are evaluated by multiple-choice questionnaires, training games, questions and answers or role-playing exercises to certify the level of knowledge acquired.

They finally obtain a certificate of completion of the training and of the level of knowledge acquired. They are invited to fill in an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the session in ordrer to improve our services and the satisfaction of our clients.

A unique application

The human resources department and each trainee receive a dedicated link to an application in which they will find all the documents related to the training: notification, training agreement, practical information, evaluation exercises, detailed programme, welcome booklet, rules, training booklet, exercises, attendance sheets, attendance certificates…

All documents can be consulted and downloaded.

We have been called on ACSEP for over 10 years to train our warehouse staff. Each year, ACSEP trains around one hundred employees for the CQPI Logistics Agent qualification and for trainings about our WMS. Our company has committed to a logistics transformation plan to modernise our warehouses, particularly through mechanisation and automation. The main objective of these training courses is therefore to increase the skills of our employees and to help them become more employable and versatile. The results are very positive because the ACSEP trainers know how to adapt to the technical evolutions of our WMS, and have a perfect knowledge of the warehouse business and related logistics.


Training Officier, Intermarché Logistique Alimentaire International - ITMLAI

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