Efficient, agile and ergonomic, EPYO is a real lever for operational and commercial performance!

A digital warehouse must be equipped with appropriate and suitable equipment for their use. This is why ACSEP has signed a partnership with E-Dentic, which enables us to offer our customers the study and supply of radio frequency solutions (site analysis, network and access point, terminals and barcode printers, etc.), but also the EPYO solution.

EPYO, the tracking solution through connected gestures

The EPYO software suite is an innovative gesture-based tracking solution designed by E-Dentic.

Based on Beacons technology, EPYO offers a real lever for operational and managerial performance by allowing the digitalisation and optimisation of flows, the dynamic visualisation of data in real time, the provision of proof through images, etc.

EPYO is an innovative and relevant alternative to the processes used in warehouses and represents a real technological breakthrough! Agile and ergonomic, it offers a particularly rapid ROI. Finally, EPYO is a very simple solution to install and use.

EPYO, quick and easy to set up

The EPYO suite is a standardised solution, as connectors already exist for the majority of WMS on the market, such as IzyPro and Reflex.

Another advantage is that the installation of EPYO beacons does not require any heavy modification of the building structure, as they are simply fixed. 100% mobile, they can be easily removed and reinstalled to adapt to changes in the site. Deployment is therefore extremely simple and fast.

Efficient, agile and ergonomic, EPYO is a real lever for operational and commercial performance!

Focus on the use of EPYO on loading docks

Thanks to the Beacon tags that detect the operators’ movements, the loading docks are digitised, the dock drop-off process is more reliable and deviations are eradicated.

Installed on the loading docks and connected to the operators’ PDAs via the existing WMS, the EPYO beacons automatically send a barcode by radio frequency, at the very moment the operator enters the right dock. The WMS then sends him a visual confirmation on his PDA.

  1. On the customer’s side, EPYO makes it possible to eliminate disputes and to settle them thanks to image-based proof when combined with video tracking.
  2. For operators, the adoption is immediate as the tool is very intuitive and working conditions are greatly improved.
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