Managed services

Enjoy an ever more efficient and agile IS, despite greater complexity.

ACSEP provides managers and CIOs with a strategic and constantly improving vision of their information systems. Let's focus on your business, optimise your performance and become more competitive, while controlling your costs.

Avec les services managés, nous vous assurons des infrastructures et des systèmes opérationnels.

Managed services are a performance driver for businesses

Managed services allow you to outsource all or part of your your infrastructure management to an IT service provider. They are real performance drivers for businesses, covering all components of the information system: servers, related services, network management hardware, storage, backup, etc.

At the reactore core, they became crucial for any company that wants to optimise its performance and reduce its operating costs. Especially for enterprises that have little or no in-house expertise, because they enable them to have a high-performance information system.

For bigger businesses with larger IT departments, they enable resources and expertise to be assigned in the best possible way, providing effective responses to every issue as your business evolves and optimising your performance.

Backups, disaster recovery plans (DRPs), information systems governance and service level agreements (SLAs) are all competitive advantages. Thanks to our experience, we can help you to implement best practices, meet your obligations, improve performance and availability, while keeping your costs under control.

So you can stay focused on your business challenges!

ACSEP Services managés supervision support

Our day-to-day support to boost your IT efficiency

For nearly 20 years, ACSEP has been operating mission-critical applications on a daily basis, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and durability of sensitive data.

We provide intelligent and scalable solutions to meet all your business needs, particularly in terms of supervision. We can identify incidents in real time (reactive maintenance) and prevent them from happening again (preventive maintenance) to avoid impacting the availability of your services.

We work with you to draw up a continuous improvement plan to guarantee the maintenance and development of your IT over the long term, and to encourage your processes and teams to upgrade their skills. Thanks to our consultancy skills, we can foresee changes of your IT system and provide you with a clear and proactive vision of your IT strategy, all with a planned investment and no surprises.

The management of your infrastructure is industrialised and relies on a variety of knowledge bases, including that of “known errors”, which is mostly fed by support, which manages incidents and tracks tickets. In this way, we resolve incidents and we also actively contribute to the virtuous development of the knowledge base.

The managed services by ACSEP, a tailor-made offer

ACSEP offers 24/7 à la carte support to meet all your strategic and business challenges. With our team of experts, we guarantee secure and efficient administration and supervision of your IT facilities.

Focus on supervision

  • Maintaining your infrastructure and systems in operational condition,
  • Corrective and upgrading maintenance,
  • Partial or total outsourcing of your IT assets
  • Proactive monitoring of the smooth running of your IS,
  • Change management,
  • Application and technical integration,
  • Supervision, running and administration of your databases,
  • Deployment of cloud solutions (backup),
  • Security administration and management,
  • Incident and problem management,
  • Capacity management,
  • Change management,
  • Definition of SLAs and performance according to your needs,
  • Virtualisation,
  • Support,
  • Technology and IT watch.

Focus on administration

  1. Complete administration of your IS
  2. Backup administration (remote supervision, management of backup incidents, etc.)
  3. DRP administration (remote supervision of replication, maintaining synchronisation within the defined perimeter, maintaining failover conditions, carrying out an annual test under real conditions, assistance with failover if the DRP is triggered, etc.)
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Restez concentrés sur votre métier, nous hébergeons et surveillons vos solutions dans nos datacenters certifiés et sécurisés.


Stay focused on your business, we host and monitor your solutions in our certified and secured data centres.