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Companies are producing billions of data and information flows are exploding. To help you stay ahead of the game, stay successful, and build customer loyalty by providing a quality experience, ACSEP has partnered with Talend to provide a set of data management solutions.

The 5V rule for useful and usable data

Data, if properly processed, analysed and given, is a major element in a company’s strategy, but also in improving its performance and growth. In particular, it enables a company to refine its offer, to propose an ultra-personalised customer experience or to have a reliable database.

But to be exploitable, the data must meet the 5V rule:

  1. Volume: you need to have enough data but also a strategy to host and manage it,
  2. Variety: data must come from different sources to be relevant and cross-referenced in a meaningful way,
  3. Velocity: it is important to deploy the right technologies to ensure that the volume of big data can be processed in real time,
  4. Veracity: in order to be ready to use, data must be cleaned up by ensuring its accuracy and deduplicating it,
  5. Value: Finally, to exploit it, a Big Data environment must be created that highlights BI and prioritises important information according to the users involved.

Today, ACSEP has a total of thirty Talend projects around data, including Allopneus.com and Findus Southern Europe. Its areas of expertise range from solution design to production and maintenance in operational conditions.

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