An international group dedicated to service

Specialized in digital supply chain, ACSEP offers a complete logistic and information system support covering consulting, publishing (WMS, TMS...), integration, hosting, training but also support.

ACSEP has 4 major objectives

  • Improve the logistics of our customers

  • Maintain their IS in operational condition and ensure quality support

  • Provide verified and useful data to help them to properly manage their business

  • Train their teams to increase their skills

Moving you from effectiveness to logistical efficiency

Since our creation in 2005, the notion of service has been at the heart of our activity. ACSEP is the acronym for : Accompaniment, Consulting, Solutions, Expertise and Performance. Five strong words synonymous with commitment and results. Five values that drive us every day!

This translates into a full range of activities around the supply chain, in order to respond to all of our clients’ issues, as logistics represents one of the main levers for economic performance and loyalty.

ACSEP, a 360° view of the supply chain

Our objective is to implement and maintain an optimal and resilient supply chain that can evolve according to market needs.

We implement professional and dedicated solutions such as WMS, TMS, desktop publishing, but also data management solutions in order to increase productivity and ensure quality work. But implementation goes hand in hand with maintenance in operational conditions (MCO), provided by our Support and Customer Relations Centre (CRC) teams who resolve incidents reported 24/7 and in 4 languages!

With the increasing amount of data and the need to analyse it to better manage its activity, we also offer data management solutions, as well as a secure hosting service. Finally, we train our clients’ teams so that they can increase their skills and become autonomous.

In addition, we have been the publisher of our own WMS since 2010. With IzyPro , our warehouse management software, we wanted to offer an alternative to the market. By being an integrator and editor, we are able to offer the best solution to our customers, depending on their needs.

ACSEP, a logistics and IS offer that is growing daily for ever greater agility

As the logistics and IT sectors are constantly changing, we are always listening to the evolution of our clients and the expectations of the market. This is why our service offer is growing year after year, in order to be as close as possible to the needs of our clients, whether they are large international groups or smaller structures.

Thus, for 15 years, ACSEP has largely evolved its offer and its know-how to propose tailor-made services such as consulting, integration, hosting, support, editing, specific development, application supervision, multi-channel, Big Data, mechanisation, automation…

To achieve this, we rely on a team of 130 employees with multidisciplinary expertise: logistics or transport consultants, EDI engineers, Talend developers, support technicians, etc. On the strength of our success, we regularly recruit new employees to support our development in France and Spain.

Finally, to address the shortage of skills in logistics, we have opened the ACSEP Academy. With the support of our clients, we recruit young people and train them as consultants. They undergo theoretical training in-house, followed by several months of practical training at our clients’ sites.

ACSEP, a French group operating internationally

The ACSEP group is based in France and Spain. At the same time, we have many customers who have activities abroad and who ask us to start up warehouses all over the world: from the United States to China, via Poland, South Africa or Chile! Finally, we have a distributor and integrator partner for our IzyPro WMS in La Réunion: SEAL-OI.

Thierry Puharrée

“We are a team of passionate people, all driven by the values of service, commitment and results for our clients. ”.

Thierry Puharré, CEO Founder

Our ecosystem

Expert and market-leading partners!

Since 2005, we have expanded our scope of activities in line with the needs and growth of our clients, but we have also surrounded ourselves with quality partners to offer you ever more innovative solutions and services.

Because one company can't do everything, but we don't want to leave your questions unanswered, we have an ecosystem of professionals offering materials and solutions that complement our own.

  • Hardis Group is a consulting and IT services company, and a software publisher for logistics

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  • Talend, a global leader in data integration and data management, is taking the work out of working with data

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  • Efalia Compoe ACSEP intégrateur production documents entrepot

    ISV and an expert in digital documents and processes

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  • As a pioneer in pick to light technology, the company designs and manufactures its solutions

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  • World leader in rugged terminals, barcode printers and scanners

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  • The specialist in barcode identification, video tracking and traceability

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  • Software publisher dedicated to the transport and courier sector

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  • Global operator of hosting services, IS management, outsourcing, etc.

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Focus on the SEAL-OI partnership, integrator of the IzyPro WMS in the Indian Ocean

Since the summer of 2020, SEAL-OI, a logistics audit and consulting firm based in Reunion Island, has been integrating our WMS IzyPro. SEAL-OI’s objective is to professionalise the supply chain offer in the Indian Ocean (Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Mayotte, etc.).


With IzyPro WMS, SEAL-OI targets VSEs and SMEs who wish to modernise their supply chain organisation.


In addition to the integration of IzyPro, SEAL-OI offers various services including: audit, consulting, support, training and data analysis.

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