IzyPro WMS

IzyPro, the intuitive WMS accessible to all to manage your logistics with agility!

IzyPro WMS is a genuine logistics operating and decision-making tool. Ergonomic, functional and collaborative, it benefits all those involved in order preparation (operational, after-sales, marketing, etc.).

No structured and professional logistics without a WMS!

A WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the keystone of a well-oiled logistics system! Managing your logistics without a WMS inevitably limits its efficiency.

The role of a WMS is to orchestrate, in real time, all the flows of goods and information in order to

  1. Provide global visibility of your logistics activity,
  2. Reduce your order preparation errors,
  3. Optimise the capacity of your warehouse and your teams,
  4. Better absorb activity peaks,
  5. Give you with the necessary KPIs to help you make the right decisions.

More generally, within the warehouse, the WMS holds the truth. It is the only one that knows your stock exactly and is able to keep your promises to your customers. A WMS allows you to gain in agility, visibility and reactivity.

A high-performance WMS, and therefore efficient logistics, represent a real competitive advantage!

Finally, having a WMS such as IzyPro gives benefits to all the company’s departments, which no longer work in silos but together, in collaboration. The logistics department, of course, but also sales administration, purchasing, etc.

With IzyPro WMS, win on all fronts!

  1. From 2 to 200 users
  2. 100% touch screen
  3. +15 to 25% increase in productivity
  4. 1 error per 10,000 order lines
  5. – 25 to 30% reduction in travel
  6. 100% of control stations eliminated
WMS intuitif et accessible à tous pour piloter votre logistique

IzyPro, a WMS that is neither too big nor too small

You are a pureplayer, a retailer, a manufacturer, a service company, a logistics provider, a carrier, a forwarding agent or a freight forwarder?

You manage your logistics with Excel sheets or via a specific module of your ERP and you are reaching the end of your capacities?

Look no further, IzyPro WMS is made for you!

Very functional, it covers all the logistics needs of a warehouse (reception, order preparation, shipping, inventory, returns logistics), and allows you to manage your supply chain in a professional way.

The IzyPro WMS is used by Synchro Diffusion, a Mobivia subsidiary specialised in the distribution of equipment, accessories and services for mobility professionals, the Reunionese logistics provider Smart Logistique, as well as La Grande Récré and the Geneva-based PRO foundation.

IzyPro WMS, for logistics operations and decision support

Ergonomic, functional and collaborative, IzyPro is a very complete WMS that benefits all those involved in order preparation (operational, after-sales, marketing, etc.).

Available in SaaS, Cloud or On Premise mode, IzyPro WMS offers an excellent vision of the workload and data structuring for decision-making. It also provides automation and management rules to optimise production capacity. Thus, by integrating 100% of the data present in the solution, the WMS can simulate qualified scheduling or give added value from one business to another.

IzyPro is also capable of proposing intelligent circuits and a better subdivision according to the different areas of the warehouse (aisles, mezzanines, etc.) and product families (fragile, heavy, non-standard, export, etc.).

IzyPro WMS in 10 key facts

  • Ergonomic & collaborative

  • Extended functional coverage

  • Simple setup

  • Quick to learn

  • Native RF & IoT solution

  • Short implementation

  • Fast ROI

  • Saas, On Premise & Cloud

  • 24/7 support client

  • IzyWeb, collaborative portal

IzyPro WMS, a connected software to manage your logistics

IzyPro WMS is part of the IzySuite which includes the collaborative portal IzyWeb, a tool for entering and consulting information, particularly useful for the sales, e-commerce and marketing departments.

The WMS offers native connectors with market solutions such as TDI and TELIAE charging stations, E-dentic beacons, the EFALIA Compose editing solution, and many ERP and CRM solutions on the market.

In addition, ACSEP offers a complete range of services including secure hosting of IzyPro, integration and development of interfaces (EDI), supply (via our partners) and installation of peripherals (printers, workstations, radio frequency terminals, etc.), and operator training.

IzyPro, a WMS that fits with many sectors of activity

Thanks to its functional coverage, IzyPro is aimed at different types of activities such as

  1. Logistics providers and forwarding agents,
  2. Textile companies thanks to the management of the RCS (Reference/Colour/Size),
  3. Food manufacturers and mass retailers thanks to the management of expiry dates, batch numbers, etc.
  4. E-commerce pureplayers with fine and personalised retail preparation,
  5. Specialised distribution,
  6. Telephone companies (management of serial numbers),
  7. Furniture and DIY manufacturers and retailers with, in particular, the management of compounds/components,
  8. The health sector…

The IzyPro WMS is used by PMO Log, Hesnault, Chullanka, Nestlé Antilles, Nocika, La Grande Récré, Samsung Electronics France, Tikamoon, Biosynex and Santélys.

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