The supervision of information systems hase become essential to ensure a maximum rate of availability for users.

Our only objective is to identify and solve the eventual incident before the user even notices it! This is why ACSEP has designed IzyCheck, the multi-site, multi-environment and multi-lingual solution to monitor your information systems!

IzyCheck, the control tower for your systems and applications

As IT installations become increasingly complex, a single server can support multiple virtual machines (VMs), multiple operating systems (OSs), multiple databases, multiple applications and often at different version levels.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of information systems, both at the technical and functional levels, we have identified the major elements to be controlled to ensure the best level of use of the applications.

We also pointed out recurring problems that require long-term responses and programmed IzyCheck to automatically correct certain anomalies, without human intervention.

Thus, IzyCheck monitors the following systems and applications:

  1. AS/400 or IBMi for system and application monitoring,
  2. WinTel for system and application monitoring on Windows, Linux, AIX, etc,
  3. Metrology and mapping in addition to monitoring,
  4. Interconnection between IzyCheck AS/400 and IzyCheck WinTel
izycheck logistics alerts supply chain monitoring

Among IzyCheck's features

  • Flexible alerting via email, SMS, jabber or custom script,
  • Customisation of alert messages,
  • Measurement of application performance and availability,
  • Incident resolution,
  • Management of maintenance slots,
  • Metrology (history, graphs, trends, aggregates, reports, filters...),
  • Flexible data processing,
  • Control monitors,
  • Definition of triggers and severity.
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