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Petit Bateau

ACSEP assisted Petit Bateau in the relocation of its French, Benelux and Italian supermarket logistics to its historical platform in Buchères (Aube), with two constraints: to absorb these new flows in the remaining 4,000m2 of the Petit Bateau warehouse and to move everything in 5 months.

To do this, ACSEP carried out a complete and particularly detailed study of the data by working on the life curves of each product, and not on the overall annual average.

Thanks to ACSEP's advice, we reorganised the dedicated space and redesigned the layout, in particular with ephemeral picking areas.

Results: we have greatly improved the quality of service for our supermarket customers by moving closer to them geographically. We have gained in flexibility and speed to deliver their logistics platforms, but also their points of sale.
We now have a 98% compliance rate for deliveries, to their great satisfaction!

And all of this within the given timeframe, while reducing the investments initially planned by our teams, particularly in terms of the furniture and equipment required.


Directeur Supply Chain - Petit Bateau

Since 1883, Petit Bateau has been an iconic brand of clothing, underwear and pyjamas. Created in 1883, Petit Bateau has become the reference for a multigenerational style for babies, children and adults all over the world. Present in more than 60 countries, the company accompanies us through all the important stages of life and reminds us of the childhood that allowed each of us to build ourselves up to adulthood. Its beautiful materials of infinite softness and its impeccable cuts survive the parade of seasons. Petit Bateau is a brand that respects each individual and their environment.
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