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In 2020, Chullanka wished to bring together and internalise its B2B and e-commerce logistics to better control the delivery of its shops and to broaden the range of its online activity. To do this, the chain deployed the IzyPro WMS and the IzyWeb collaborative portal from ACSEP.

We immediately appreciated the experience and tailored approach of the ACSEP teams, not to mention the demonstration of their WMS IzyPro and the IzyWeb portal, which finally convinced us.

Since then, we have pooled our stock for the benefit of our e-commerce customers in particular and have reduced our picking times and our error rate. On the staff side, our logistics team is more operational and autonomous. As for our Customer Relations department, it has gained in reactivity thanks to IzyWeb, which enables rthe team to have a real-time view of the stock. Finally, we have reduced the average shipping cost, but also the cost linked to the processing of the item.

To sum up, this project was strategic and structuring for the whole company. We have gained in flexibility which has enabled us to better apprehend the changes we have had since, such as the moving of our warehouse, the opening of a showroom and an on-site collection counter. We also absorbed of the logistics of the Approach chain that we bought.

Thomas MORIN

Logistics Manager - Chullanka

Created in 2007, Chullanka, which means "Little snowy peak" in an Andean dialect, is a French multi-brand company specialised in the manufacture and distribution of outdoor sports items: skiing, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, climbing, canyoning, trail/running... Chullanka has a dozen sales outlets near the places where these sports are practiced (Metz, Antibes, Toulouse and Bordeaux) and an e-commerce site launched in 2016. Chullanka employs 110 people and had a turnover of 25 million euros in 2020.
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