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ACSEP improved real-time communication between Allopneus.com and its suppliers and partners by deploying a multi-protocol data exchange gateway based on Talend Cloud API Services solutions.

We wanted to standardize our partner flows by implementing a standardized language with them.
To do this, ACSEP relied on Talend Cloud API Services to quickly create and deploy microservices to industrialize and automate these exchanges.
ACSEP created a gateway that allows our suppliers to exchange information with us (catalogues, orders, etc.) without having to use their protocols and data formats, all without touching our information system!
With the help of ACSEP, we now have a robust and industrializable solution in a flexible, collaborative, secure and transparent environment for all our suppliers.
We have gained in capacity, reactivity and agility! We have also reduced our evolution costs and now control our maintenance costs.

Mehdi Baghdadli

DSI & CTO - Allopneus.com

Created in 2004, Allopneus.com is the French leader in tyre sales and fitting. Allopneus.com offers the widest choice of tyre ranges on the market and has direct agreements with all tyre manufacturers in order to offer highly adjusted prices. Allopneus.com also offers fitting solutions for all tyres via 6,000 centres. The total storage capacity is 1.250 million tyres with more than 25,000 references and the daily shipping capacity can reach 50,000 tyres.
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