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As part of the expansion of its business, the freight forwarder Hesnault asked ACSEP to implement its WMS IzyPro in order to offer new value-added services to its customers such as logistics.

We wanted to launch a major project to modernise and digitalise our group to broaden our range of activities for our customers.

Concerning the logistic services, we quickly chose ACSEP, which was able to understand and translate the particularities of the transit world. Thus, ACSEP showed imagination to find clever solutions so that IzyPro could adapt to our freight forwarding activity, without any additional IT development!

We worked in close collaboration with their teams to make the world of transit and warehouse cohabit, in order to make the classic functionalities of a WMS correspond to the transit business.

Thanks to IzyPro, our group has reached a new level!

Philippe Hesnault

President - Group Hesnault

A family-run group founded in 1962, HESNAULT is now one of the leading names in logistics and international freight. With nearly 60 years of expertise as a freight forwarder and customs broker, Hesnault's experts combine several services to get goods to their destination with turnkey solutions that are 100% adapted. Hesnault offers solutions for logistics & storage, sea, air or multimodal transport and freight, tracking, IS & EDI, insurance and sourcing. HESNAULT supports importers and exporters worldwide in their international development.
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